Monday, February 2, 2009

Resolutions and Catching-Up

Okay, so, I definitely have some catching up to do. In the last however many weeks, I went camping, and... that's actually just about it. I haven't really done any arts, but, I am planning on making a new formal wardrobe, and I just started embroidering a face for a chubby mermaid doll I'm making.

All this leads to my first topic, a resolution. I have noticed that I don't really post very often, so I am making a day that I have to post on, probably Friday. I will ,though, post sooner if I finish projects sooner, but just don't expect a post every day.

Now for the Catching-up. I went camping in Yosemite for the very first time! It was beautiful. We hiked up to the lower Yosemite Falls where we climbed the fallen rocks till we were about fifty feet from the falls. You could feel the mist on your face. We also took some fun pictures, which I would like to show you, but Blogger won't upload them, so I'll have to get back to you.
~See ya when It's working!~


  1. Wow, I'm so jealous! I love camping and love Yosemite! I'm glad you had a great time - hope it is just the first of many visits.

  2. I look forward to seeing your camping pics! :)