Sunday, October 2, 2011

Maybe I'll Etsy...

I've got an Etsy account for anyone who wants to know. I currently don't have anything on it, but I will soon be putting up antique clothing (from <1940's), and some prints of my art. Speaking of which, here's the picture I'm thinking of putting up^^^
Please give me any critiques you've got; I need to know what will make it sell. In the mean time, I will be working on it to my best ability. So far I think her eyes need to be more centered, and something about it still seems.... dilettante. So, I'll work on it.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yeah... I'm not even gonna try to redeem myself after leaving my blog for so long. I'm also not going to try to promise I'm going to post more. I'll just post whenever I want, okay?

Hopefully Blogger made some sort of change in the process of adding photos, because that always confused me. Well.... We'll see.

Okay seems to work fine......

I got back into the whole "perspective" thing, after being "corrected" by my big sister Andrea. Of course, she ended up not actually knowing how to do perspective, and I ended up telling her how to do it, and now I'm suddenly into it. Here's a drawing that is by no means finished, and started in the dull and dim depths of...... the school library! For now I'm calling it the Chalcedony Castle, but I'm really not sure what color it should be so it's just temporary.

I just bought myself some new fancy shmancy colored pencils, namely Derwent Coloursoft 36-pack in a tin, and also a pack of 6 colors of Sakura Pigma Micron Pigment Liners (try saying that five times fast). So, I'm pretty stoked about those new supplies. I did a little test of them, which is turning into an actual piece of art worthy of finishing. Lucky me! It is posted below:

Friday, December 17, 2010


So I've been having trouble drawing and coloring lately, so I decided to practice some more. This time I decided to do some coloring studies, since I haven't done any and that's really where I'm lacking right now. And since I really have trouble coloring faces, I figured I should do some realism practice as well. So I drew Andrea's profile, since it's so pretty. :3

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This Old Thing??!!

Oh my goodness it's been a long time since I last posted here! Like, what, 6 months at least? Maybe a year?! Well there's certainly a lot of things I can update on!

So, for a while after my last post, I was completely devoid of artistic inspiration, skill, or motivation. It probably didn't help that I was super busy trying to win over my idealistic eighth grade home school teacher's appreciation and admiration. But after school was over, and I was free to waste away in the super-heated bliss and boredom of summer vacation, I found myself drawn to the satisfying scratch of 0.7 mm graphite against smudged printer paper, and the wondrous feeling of accomplishment after a successful drawing session. During these many days of drawing girls with wide-set eyes, big noses, and fanciful wardrobes, though, I started to feel the beginning of monotony, and I set out to find a more exhilarating, if not challenging media. I practiced with a few quick Photoshop coloring lessons, but was utterly disappointed at the lack of clean lines and my own lack of a steady enough hand to draw them. So I started coloring my pictures with colored pencils, only to be crestfallen again at the resulting pastel-colored, badly-textured mess of a picture.
But, all hope was not lost for the aspiring artist that was me, as I was introduced by an artistic friend at school to the magic and splendor of DEVIANTART!!! Here I was hypnotized by the many shows of great skill and love for art and I was determined thereafter to be a digital artist. With the help of a splurge on my part for a commonly used Japanese program, Paint Tool Sai, I delved into digital art, and here we are now, nearly four months later, and I am as much in love with art as ever.
Below I'll let you in on a few of my favorite pieces (oldest at the top, newest at the bottom), but here's the link to my account anyway, so you can revel in my glory!! Muahahahaha! ^_^

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hammer Time!

Parachute pants from my Grandma! Can't touch this!

I drew this illustration of a book I just finished. Except in my own way.

Panda Bread! I tried translating, but I only managed the ingredients. Now my brain hurts.

~Ja matane!~
~Rickshaw is actually Jinrikisha, made of the symbols Jin--Person, Riki--Power, Sha--Vehicle.~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ugh... It's been a while huh? I've been going through a sickness-lazyness-uncreativeness phase. For a very long time too. So to make up for the almost four month absence, I decided I'll post again around every week on things I think are cool. Think of it as an easier way to email all my friends on new funny cool and interesting things. So for my first post in a long time, I will tell you about my old drawings that are new for you, my latest photoshop exploring, and San Fransisco.

Here are my drawings! *Da-dadada!* I call the series "Fowllet". Get it? Fowl is bird and ballet mixed together! Anywho, it's just some random bird inspired ballet dancers. And yes, Crow is supposed to be black and white.

Okay, so next on the list is my exploration of Photoshop. I discovered a brilliant way to draw! All you do is draw the seperate face parts, the head with hair, and the body and clothes. Then you scan and photoshop everything on top of eachother and resize them and you get a perfectly proportioned person! Brilliant!

And last of all, I went to San Francisco on Sunday to go to the Renegade craft fair! I loved it there, I even saw the very popular Black Apple. I bought a Scarab beetle necklace, My older sister got a shirt, and my little sister got a Shadow Puppet Yetti. I was going to get one of these seller's bracelets, but it was really expensive. And I got a pair of long-wanted chopsticks.

~The end~
~Want to know something cool? The Japanese word for puppet is made up of two symbols: Nin=Human, Gyou=Form. Human Form!~

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bill and Buttons

This is a Girl named Buttons the Great. She is 13 and doesn't want to grow up. She owns the Anti-Adult Asociation, also known as Triple A or AAA. Her sheep is named Shawn, and she and the vice president love to decorate him.
And this is Bill the Lazy Platypus, Spot the Loyal Bug, and Good ol' Fred the TV. And Bill's girlfriend. Notice everything in the picture is named except for her. And she is angrily knitting while he is drinking coke and watching TV.

~I like sheep!~