Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some more Old Illustraions

Alrighty guys, I'll start off with one of my illustrations from a book called The Fledgeling. It is illustrating a part of the story that gave me the inspiration to name this blog Georgie and the Goose Prince.

This is a picture I drew of me wearing my Hello Kitty shirt. I think it was badly translated to say, "You Wear What?" when it was really, "Anata wa nani shoimasu ka?" where it would say, "What are you wearing?" I did this without a mirror. Really surprising for me.This is one of my fashion illustrations. This model's name is Fionna.
And finally, Rachel. Yet another of my fashion illustrations. I think I was in the ballet dancing mood when I drew this.

~ I'll try to get some actual work done tomorrow. See y'all Later!~

Friday, January 2, 2009

My Art Projects Since September

Okay, since my last post in September, I have done a few art projects. This one I made in art class at school. It is a papier mache axe in the shape of a batman sign. I'm really proud I got 19/20 on this.
This mug is also made in art class. On this I got an amazing 20/20 even though it had a crack through it! I made it for my sister, the author of The Dirty Pink Hotel, who named him Fabio. When I first made it, it had two handles and was flawless. But, as you can see by the picture below, he has no handles. The first day after drying, he had a crack through him and one handle was broken. By the second day of drying, he was handle-less, yellow blotched (forgot to rinse my brush before going from yellow to clear on the nose), and cracked. But he still has a great personality!

Here is a shelf I made at home one day. It was designed to display my shutter shades. I made the shelf with a Capri Sun box, some collage paper and a strip from a coloring book that I colored.
Here's the shelf with my shades on it.
This is a vase that I made out of the same coloring book page as the shelf above. I made it out of a bottle and just taped on the strip of coloring page.

And last but not least, I made this hand. It was originally to hold my arm warmers, but it was to inflexible. So now it's just a strange piece of art on my nightstand.

~Alright, that's all I had to catch you up on, See ya!~

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My First Day (with this blog)

So, this is my new blog. It's starting off from where my first blog ended. I'm going to talk about the same things: arts 'n' crafts, sewing, knitting, sometimes crocheting and superhero-related things. One well known fact about me is that I just can't subdue my dorky craving for superheros. But. most of the time, I'll blog about my latest artistic feats. My favorite hobby is drawing (when I'm not playing video games. What can I say, I'm still a child!). Some more trivia about me is that I am learning Japanese and German, and I hope to eventually be a professional Photoshop technician.

~That's all for today, I'll get some pictures of my latest projects tomorrow!~