Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hammer Time!

Parachute pants from my Grandma! Can't touch this!

I drew this illustration of a book I just finished. Except in my own way.

Panda Bread! I tried translating, but I only managed the ingredients. Now my brain hurts.

~Ja matane!~
~Rickshaw is actually Jinrikisha, made of the symbols Jin--Person, Riki--Power, Sha--Vehicle.~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ugh... It's been a while huh? I've been going through a sickness-lazyness-uncreativeness phase. For a very long time too. So to make up for the almost four month absence, I decided I'll post again around every week on things I think are cool. Think of it as an easier way to email all my friends on new funny cool and interesting things. So for my first post in a long time, I will tell you about my old drawings that are new for you, my latest photoshop exploring, and San Fransisco.

Here are my drawings! *Da-dadada!* I call the series "Fowllet". Get it? Fowl is bird and ballet mixed together! Anywho, it's just some random bird inspired ballet dancers. And yes, Crow is supposed to be black and white.

Okay, so next on the list is my exploration of Photoshop. I discovered a brilliant way to draw! All you do is draw the seperate face parts, the head with hair, and the body and clothes. Then you scan and photoshop everything on top of eachother and resize them and you get a perfectly proportioned person! Brilliant!

And last of all, I went to San Francisco on Sunday to go to the Renegade craft fair! I loved it there, I even saw the very popular Black Apple. I bought a Scarab beetle necklace, My older sister got a shirt, and my little sister got a Shadow Puppet Yetti. I was going to get one of these seller's bracelets, but it was really expensive. And I got a pair of long-wanted chopsticks.

~The end~
~Want to know something cool? The Japanese word for puppet is made up of two symbols: Nin=Human, Gyou=Form. Human Form!~