Friday, April 24, 2009

Feeling... artistic

Yes, I am felling very artistic lately. This "Illuminated Letter" as my teacher calls it, Isn't actually an example though. I just got this back from social studies. I got 10 extra credit points for this.
This is an actual example. I just Wednesday came up with a new way of drawing. This is my version of Eve holding the fruit from the forbidden tree. I wonder where Adam is...
This picture is one of my favorites. I'm really into robots lately. She has just been exposed as a cyborg, and is anxiously awaiting the response of horror.

~Don't be too harsh on her, It's not like she decided to be half robot.~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Earrings and Such

Woah, sorry about how late this post is, I forgot and went camping. So, at my grandma's house, she has miniature silverware and scissors and random pendant things, perfect for earrings.
She let me have two of the scissors and earring wires, so I came home and finally finished up all of my saving-for-a-day-when-I-have-earring-wires projects. I got my bottle cap earrings done, and also had my dad help me make an earring holder. Yay for drill bits and long-forgotten picture frames!

~By the way, the scissors open and close. Aren't small things cute?~