Saturday, February 28, 2009

Drawings and Careers

Hey guys, sorry it's been so long. Last week I went to San Fransisco on Thursday and Friday so I could attend Andrew Bird's concert. Which by the way was even more amazing than this video of him. But the trip really threw me off schedule, so I had a ton of homework and, counting the Friday I was gone, I missed two weeks of blogging. Anywho, back to the post.So here's the picture part of the post. This is actually a picture I drew on a paper tablecloth at a restaurant. I have a thing with masks, hidden personalities and depressing drawings all of the sudden, I wonder why... I'm not really sure what I was trying to convey, I mean it was just a doodle, but the writing above it says," Watashi wa dare?" meaning," Who am I?"
And here is my first and hopefully not last finished work in the art of Photoshopping. You see, I really enjoy fixing and altering photos, and I think it would be perfect to do that as a career when I'm older. It's the cutest picture of my dad when he was around six years old, but you couldn't see it in the old photo. It was all cracked and flaky and... I'll just let you see for yourself.
See the difference? I'm really so proud.

I was also going to show you some more pictures, but I couldn't find my notebook, so,
~See ya!~

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