Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some more Old Illustraions

Alrighty guys, I'll start off with one of my illustrations from a book called The Fledgeling. It is illustrating a part of the story that gave me the inspiration to name this blog Georgie and the Goose Prince.

This is a picture I drew of me wearing my Hello Kitty shirt. I think it was badly translated to say, "You Wear What?" when it was really, "Anata wa nani shoimasu ka?" where it would say, "What are you wearing?" I did this without a mirror. Really surprising for me.This is one of my fashion illustrations. This model's name is Fionna.
And finally, Rachel. Yet another of my fashion illustrations. I think I was in the ballet dancing mood when I drew this.

~ I'll try to get some actual work done tomorrow. See y'all Later!~

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