Friday, January 2, 2009

My Art Projects Since September

Okay, since my last post in September, I have done a few art projects. This one I made in art class at school. It is a papier mache axe in the shape of a batman sign. I'm really proud I got 19/20 on this.
This mug is also made in art class. On this I got an amazing 20/20 even though it had a crack through it! I made it for my sister, the author of The Dirty Pink Hotel, who named him Fabio. When I first made it, it had two handles and was flawless. But, as you can see by the picture below, he has no handles. The first day after drying, he had a crack through him and one handle was broken. By the second day of drying, he was handle-less, yellow blotched (forgot to rinse my brush before going from yellow to clear on the nose), and cracked. But he still has a great personality!

Here is a shelf I made at home one day. It was designed to display my shutter shades. I made the shelf with a Capri Sun box, some collage paper and a strip from a coloring book that I colored.
Here's the shelf with my shades on it.
This is a vase that I made out of the same coloring book page as the shelf above. I made it out of a bottle and just taped on the strip of coloring page.

And last but not least, I made this hand. It was originally to hold my arm warmers, but it was to inflexible. So now it's just a strange piece of art on my nightstand.

~Alright, that's all I had to catch you up on, See ya!~

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