Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This Old Thing??!!

Oh my goodness it's been a long time since I last posted here! Like, what, 6 months at least? Maybe a year?! Well there's certainly a lot of things I can update on!

So, for a while after my last post, I was completely devoid of artistic inspiration, skill, or motivation. It probably didn't help that I was super busy trying to win over my idealistic eighth grade home school teacher's appreciation and admiration. But after school was over, and I was free to waste away in the super-heated bliss and boredom of summer vacation, I found myself drawn to the satisfying scratch of 0.7 mm graphite against smudged printer paper, and the wondrous feeling of accomplishment after a successful drawing session. During these many days of drawing girls with wide-set eyes, big noses, and fanciful wardrobes, though, I started to feel the beginning of monotony, and I set out to find a more exhilarating, if not challenging media. I practiced with a few quick Photoshop coloring lessons, but was utterly disappointed at the lack of clean lines and my own lack of a steady enough hand to draw them. So I started coloring my pictures with colored pencils, only to be crestfallen again at the resulting pastel-colored, badly-textured mess of a picture.
But, all hope was not lost for the aspiring artist that was me, as I was introduced by an artistic friend at school to the magic and splendor of DEVIANTART!!! Here I was hypnotized by the many shows of great skill and love for art and I was determined thereafter to be a digital artist. With the help of a splurge on my part for a commonly used Japanese program, Paint Tool Sai, I delved into digital art, and here we are now, nearly four months later, and I am as much in love with art as ever.
Below I'll let you in on a few of my favorite pieces (oldest at the top, newest at the bottom), but here's the link to my account anyway, so you can revel in my glory!! Muahahahaha! ^_^

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