Friday, March 20, 2009


Yes, I have an explanation for my absence. I didn't do anything last week. That's it. But, today, overcoming my illness, I will post.

I went camping this weekend. We went to a small campsite in Spooner's Cove in Montana de Oro. It definitely wasn't that good of a vacation. We got there late, 5 o' clock, and started a fire. The fire died out in 10 minutes and didn't come back. So we ate our dinner in the trailor. The next day we went on two wonderful hikes. Here's a ton of nature pics of them.
^Sticky Monkey Flower^

^Indian Brush^

^Weird Asparagus-looking Plant^

^Wild Blackberry^
^Old Man's Beard^

^Morning Glory (This flower only has one petal and sucks up your nose when you sniff it)^
^Weird Flower^
^Eucalyptus Bloom^
And here is the delicious fruit salad I made.

~It was kinda a short post today, huh?~

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